Adoption Wraparound

Adoption Wraparound

A family centered, strength based, therapeutic program provided as an alternative to out of home placement. The service provider and family develop a plan to meet the family’s needs and meet regularly to ensure there is continued improvement. Wraparound can offer a wide array of services such as behavior modification, therapy, medication services and social skills training. The entire family can benefit from professionals coming into the home, school, and community, as frequently as needed in order to maintain stability. Wraparound services can also be initiated to assist in the transition back to the family from a residential treatment program.


To see if your child qualifies for Wraparound services in Sacramento County, please contact the following: Sacramento County Access Team (916) 875-1055 (916) 875-9970 Fax Access toll free/24 hours (888) 881-4881 TTY/TDD: (916) 876-8892 California Relay Service: 711 Bilingual staff and/or interpreters are available at no cost.

For children adopted through Counties other than Sacramento or through a State Adoptions District Office, please contact the Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) coordinator and request Adoption Wraparound.

How do I know if Wraparound is what my child and family needs? Start by asking yourself the following questions:


  • Does the child have a diagnosis that seriously affects his/her ability to remain stable?
  • Has it been recommended your child receive residential treatment?
  • Is your child currently in a residential program and will be discharged back to your care soon?
  • Does your child’s behavior require above average support and intervention?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and need support in locating and accessing services such as special education and respite?
  • Has your child not responded well to regular therapeutic intervention?

Answering yes to any of the above questions can indicate your child may be a good candidate for Wraparound. Since Wraparound is a family centered program it will require the parents be an active part of the planning and treatment process from implementation to discharge.

Prior to starting Wraparound services it is important for you to identify what type and level of service you need from the provider. Parents are the experts on their families and an important part of the treatment process.

Be prepared to consider and ask potential providers the questions below and advocate for your child’s needs.


  • How many hours per week will you be working with my child? (The state average for Wraparound is 25-30 hours per month).
  • Think about what your needs are.
  • How many hours/days per week do you think you need?
  • Does your child tend to get in trouble during or after school?
  • Is there a specific time of day your child needs support more than others?
  • Maybe you need someone to be there every day initially until the problematic behavior decreases?

Being upfront and clear about your needs will assure your provider assigns a team that can accommodate your schedule.

My child needs… (Fill in the blank)_________ Ex. independent living, social and/or life skills training, drug and alcohol treatment,etc. How will Wraparound address these needs?

How much experience do you have working with adoptive families? Do you have a team that is trained in adoption competency? This can be an important variable in determining the success of Wraparound services. Adoptive families needs may be different. Many adoptees are struggling with identity and attachment issues and need professionals with a background and training in adoption related issues.

Does your agency employ a Family Partner that is an adoptive parent? Family Partners are parents of children who have been recipients of mental health services and behavioral issues. They provide peer support and guidance to parents both on an individual basis and during child and family team meetings. Family partners are knowledgeable about accessing and navigating through community resources, special education and support parents in obtaining appropriate services.

What if I have an after hours emergency? Will someone be able to come to de-escalate the situation or provide support in a crisis?

Will receiving Wraparound services affect my AAP? How? What do I need to do to make sure things go smoothly?

When can you start? If your family is in crisis please let the provider know in order to expedite the process.




Excerpt from Putting the Pieces Together,a resource on how to get what your child needs from school districts, mental health providers and the legal system.



Adoption Assistance

The Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) is a federal program of financial assistance for adoptive children that goes into effect after the Adoptive Placement Agreement is signed.


School District

*Contact school district for further information


All children who qualify for AAP benefits are also eligible for health care services through the Medi-Cal program.


Private Pay

Private pay is the primary funding source for a large majority of products and service associated with long-term care.


Victim Witness

The Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP) can help victims and family members of victims for crimes such as: domestic violence, child abuse, assault, sexual assault, molestation, homicide, robbery, drunk driving, vehicular manslaughter.

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