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Post Adoption Link is dedicated to helping Sacramento area adoptive families navigate post adoption supports, resources and educational information related to the special needs of adoption.

Research has shown that given the realities of the types of adoptions occurring today the majority of children come to their new families from backgrounds that can lead to elevated risks for developmental, health, emotional, and/or behavioral issues. (Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, 2010).

Chronic adjustment difficulties and adoptees conflicted emotions about adoption are also common.

Many of these challenges do not present themselves until children reach different developmental stages.

Adoptive parents are often not prepared to deal with the complexities of these issues and need adoption competent services including professionals, other adoptive families, and community resources for support in getting the help their families need.

There are many resources available to assist families that are geared toward family stability. Post Adoption Link can be used as a resource guide to assist families in identifying and accessing services that can best meet their needs.


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  • I have been looking for a therapist who understands the unique needs of my adoptive family, but not sure what questions to ask.

  • I have heard that there our mental health services that are available to help my child, but don’t know how to access them.

  • My child keeps repeating the same behaviors over and over again. Help!

Dedication to Chris Walker

Postadoptionlink.org is dedicated to Chris Walker 1961 – 2013 who gave his time, energy, and heart to create this website.